Advancement in robot technology makes robots easier to work with humans

사람 곁에서 협업하는 로봇... 더 가까워졌다
Highly advanced robots that are becoming smaller, more powerful and smarter by the year are a common feature in scientific centers and on manufacturing lines around the world,... but there are also robots being developed that can work safely around people.
Kim Hyo-sun has the story. Robots are no longer confined in laboratories or confined spaces,...
as more models equipped with better sensors and technology are being released,... they carry out repetitive work as well as complex jobs like assembling and packaging that are normally difficult for humans to do.

"Sophisticated sensors increase the robots' stability and thus make a much safer environment for them to work together with humans."

This specific robot recognizes its surroundings in 2D and 3D,... making it possible to move around safely.

"The biggest advantage of this robot is the fact that it's easy to use. This is because all features have been internalized so…

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